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Leman Lk and Burstall Pass

Cross Country Skiing

There is nothing like xc skiing at Talus Lodge. All you need to do is step out of the lodge (located at 7600 ft/ 2350 m) and start enjoying the marvelous terrain and views. A loop around the Jewell Lakes is a fabulous experience with Talon Peak looming above the basin and the lodge buildings never out of sight. Assiniboine Mountain and a cluster of peaks can be seen in line to the NW. The moraines in this particular area lend themselves for fabulous kick and glide over rolling terrain.

 Ptarmigan PlateauImmediately below Jewell Lake basin and the lodge our stunning alpine larch forest offers the option to glide within the open areas and to see White Man Pass, Mt Curry and peaks of the Continental Divide. Because of the protection of the trees, the snow is invariably powdery and soft. The larch and other alpine trees offer a variety of shapes that add winter magic.

 If the emphasis of the day is on views, Ptarmigan Plateau is the place to be. Rolling and undulating terrain with unlimited views: the Royal Group starting with Sir Douglas and to the South and in the Distance King George are truly spectacular. Of course you cannot miss Burstall and Spray passes and Leman Lake in Banff National Park below and to the NE. Having lunch and a rest for hot tea anywhere is a must, just to pinch oneself to make sure this is real!

 Come and experience a limitless winter experience this winter! Talus Lodge is an ideal location for family and small groups. We would love to host you this winter.