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Discovery feeling at Talus Lodge

Summer and winter guests that experience Talus Lodge are pleasantly surprised to find much more than they had anticipated from our facilities and  amazing setting.

In addition to being greeted by warmth and hospitality, guests find well designed and efficient buildings in the midst of wilderness and beauty that encompasses the immediate setting, surroundings and distant views.

Perhaps what impresses people the most once they settled in is the fact that there are no other people, other than Talus Lodge guests, in our whole area!! No evidence of humans as you walk away from the lodge site, no signs of disturbance on vegetation no other human voices! Imagine dipping in the cool tarns during hot days in the summer without a care in the world. Picture yourself wandering in beautiful meadows just enjoying what you like to do, knowing that there are no other humans in the vicinity! No winter tracks other than your own and your group in addition to the winter critters getting on with their day and leaving their traces in the snow.

Guests cannot believe standing on ridges, viewpoints, meadows, creeks, water courses, water falls, ravines, buttresses… and having it all to themselves. Enjoy finding ptarmigan fully camouflaged and pure white during winter!  Many perceptible changes take place as guests, relax and allow themselves to be one with nature and beauty. Phrases like: “I have not been as carefree for a long time”, “this place is so beautiful I am not ready to go back yet” are often heard.

Come and treat yourself, participate in a hike, climb to a ridge top, find a summit, stay at the lodge and enjoying reading on any of the decks. Go for a swim, watch the storms go by or just sit and enjoy Mt Assiniboine or other mountains in the distance or nearby as the day progresses. Ski, snow shoe, xc ski and look back to see your tracks! Share your day with others as you enjoy the appetizers before dinner, relax and find out what other people experienced and saw that day!

How long has it been since you looked at the stars, constellations, or Milky Way?

Chris Espinel