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Eon and Assiniboine Mts

New Year and Talus

Early January at Talus is as beautiful as you can imagine. You wake up with the incredible alpen glow on Assiniboine and Eon mountains to the North East. Coffee has a special taste as you watch the gradual lighting of the peak with morning colors, as it gradually fades again with the light of day. A few moments later the same show is repeated on our Talon Peak which looks over our setting. All visible from any of the East and North windows in the lodge.It is January and cold outside, days are short. The wood in the fire stove is crackling and producing the magic heat that makes everything so comfortable and special.

 The cook is busy preparing breakfast, as aromas float magically enticing sleepy heads to rise and shine in preparation for another glorious day. Gradually everyone comes up from the bedrooms; freshly brewed coffee awaits. By this time breakfast is ready and everyone is animated and keen to discuss the options for the day.

 While we all look out of the windows for the never ending changes on the light on the scenery outside, we prepare our own take out lunch that will nurture us while we explore the tarns, and meadows and plateaus and frozen waterfalls until is time to head back to the welcoming lodge….

 As we head back, the beauty of Burstall Pass in the distance, or the Royal Group, Fortress, Leman Lake we recount our day and await new experiences tomorrow…

 Talus Larch groveChris