Our Mantra

We would like to acknowledge that Talus Lodge is with in Ktunaxa ʔamakʔis, the homeland of the Ktunaxa people.  We acknowledge the past, present and future generations of Ktunaxa Nations who help us steward this land as well as honour and celebrate this place.

We are committed to our mountain community.

Talus is  wild. We believe in preserving wildlife habitat and connectivity, headwater protection and mindful human use. Talus is inspiring. We want to use the energy of the mountains to empower people to lead in making big positive changes. We believe that humans will have a more meaningful experience on human powered journeys. Our long term vision is to transition to carbon conscience travel with guided ski and hiking access via Burstall Pass.

We are embarking on a bold experiment. We want to act with integrity and do the right thing. We need your help. If you can help us make big and beautiful changes, please let us know.