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Rocky Mountains-Panoramic views at Talus

Welcome to the first Talus Lodge Blog! This venue will help us maintain communication with people interested in our operation. The blog will also replace our newsletters as well as keep you informed about Talus news year round.

Talus Lodge operational area is located in British Columbia and it is adjacent to the BC/AB border; the Continental Divide and Banff National Park boundary. As a result, our terrain offers incredible variety for summer and winter use.

 Amazing vistas of the Royal Group with peaks like Sir Douglas abound!  View
Burstall Pass in Kananaskis, Mount Assiniboine looming and ever present in the distance and so high that it creates its own weather! Spray Pass, Miller Pass area, Whiteman Pass. All visible from Talus!

Meander through nature at its best: meadows, lakes, creeks, ridges, summits, larch forests. All in the alpine. Fill your lungs with the alpine air and immerse yourself in the experience. Ski, snowshoe or just relax by the fire while you read and sip your beverage.

Enjoy the great meals in the cozy lodge atmosphere sharing the adventures of the day and planning the ones to be had tomorrow! Dream big and live big! 

“..To see the sky to see the clouds

To watch them move or move ourselves

To feel the breeze that cools and moves

And fills our lungs and blows the flowers and flows and flows..”

Sparay Pass, Leman Lake, Burstall Pass, Sir Douglas

 Stay tuned to hear more about treasures awaiting to discover when you visit Talus Lodge