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Royal Ridge and Talon Peak panoramic views

The Royal Ridge and Talon Peak tower above Talus Lodge in the incredible Jewell Lakes basin. The basin has two prominent glacier fed lakes and several drainage tarns. Because of the moisture available, the basin produces an incredible floral and vegetation mosaic. It is a beautiful alpine garden with flowers of every type from Indian Paint Brush in the moist areas to Saxifrage dry species flowering on top of terminal moraines and rock cracks. Water bodies as close as 80 meters from the lodge make the lodge site an ideal place to enjoy the day for those who need a rest day or just a day to soak in the beauty of the area and perhaps do a bit of reading.

For advanced hikers wanting to get away from it all, the Royal Ridge offers the ultimate in ridge walking with outstanding views and options to observe those hardy and beautiful flowers that bloom in the very harshest of alpine settings of scree and poor soils. In addition, fossils from the Cambrian geological era are also visible for visitors to enjoy and to marvel at these ancient formations.

What we call the Royal Ridge separates the East portion of the Talus Lodge plateau from the Albert River. It also links the ridge itself with Talon Peak and at the back of it (SW) Miller Pass. From the Royal Ridge, the outstanding Royal Group can be closely observed including the massive King  George at 3422 m/ 11224 ft of elevation. Beyond at further east and south Mount Joffre,  Mt  Northover and other giants shine. To the W the Bugaboos in the Purcell Mountains can be distinguished in the distance.

There is no better viewing perch for those that love the mountains and the rugged geography of the Canadian Rockies. To top it all, a large stromatolite fossil bed can be admired with the backdrop of Mt Assiniboine in the distance. No guest that has hiked the Royal Ridge at Talus returns home unimpressed!

We suggest you check our photo galleries, Flickr photo page and videos within our website to get an idea of what we offer. We would love to host you at Talus Lodge. Come and be surprised with the beauty to be found in our piece of heaven.