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Talus private cabin


SnowshoeingAs snow accumulates at Talus and the ground cover changes to the white winter mantle, the creeks of summer turn into solid ice and waterfalls turn into amazing ice structures which defy gravity. Lakes and tarns have a solid ice surface which offers winter use options.

 Snowshoeing allows you to experience the snow in a completely new light. At the Talus alpine larch forest, out in the open Ptarmigan Plateau or high up in our mystical mountains, you can sense the calm and embrace the magic of winter in a whole new way.

 Wander in our landscape at a relaxed pace, pick out wildlife tracks in the snow or admire trees covered full of snow while crunching along a snowshoe loop or floating atop fresh powder. Breathe the cool winter air; feel invigorated and warm as you move within a surreal setting. Stop, look around and feel the setting and the surrounding majestic views. Allow your spirit to soar!

 Snowshoeing is a truly unique and magical experience. Leave your tracks deep in the unbroken snow while you cleanse your mind and soul. Rediscover the magic of the mountains and the miraculous snow in a profound way all made possible with a pair of snowshoes.

 The lodge is always there for you when you are ready to come in after your adventures outside.