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Spray River Valley, Kananaskis, Royal Group panoramic views

Look down into the Spray Valley and admire the beauty of the Canadian Rockies in every direction from a summit or a high ridge. Sit down and let your eyes and imagination wonder while you delight viewing landscapes, high peaks or just raptors soaring above you. Opportunities for bird’s eye views in every direction are plentiful from Talus Lodge area.

Rendezvous Point in the Great Divide offers views for everyone: Birdwood Mountain, Commonwealth Pass, Burstall Pass, the outstanding Mt Assiniboine SE face and all surrounding mountains, a spectacular and favorite lunch spot. From just beyond are the summits of Mount Vavasour or Mt Warre and you look down into the alpine azure waters and no name tarns above the Spray Valley just across from the Palliser Warden’s cabin. The very nature of the Canadian Rockies is in front, below and around you: sedimentary calcareous rock, massive rock that has folded in a myriad of ways and that demonstrate the active movement of Earth’s crust. Tarns everywhere you look, fossils here and there. Far below, the historic Spray River valley can be seen as it extends to the west  towards Palliser Pass, found below the towering mountains in this magnificent corner of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Hike any ridge towards White Man Mountain or Mt Leval and touch the sky, look into familiar territory for some: Smuts pass, Fortress Mountain in the distance, Sir Donald, Mount Leman. Follow the ridge of the Great Continental Divide  aware that water flowing on either side flow into different oceans in North America.

Our own Talon Peak, an amazing prominent horn, the centerpiece for Talus Lodge and its area, looms steep and dominant above the Jewell Lakes and the lodge site.

Come to Talus Lodge and experience something wonderful, exquisite and totally unique. With a maximum of 12 guests during the time of your visit, you will feel and experience the backcountry like you never have before.

Check out our photo galleries, videos and Flickr photo page within our website to get a glimpse of what we offer. We look forward to hosting you!