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Summer Thoughts

it is the end of March and the snow will soon be gone for good in the villages of the Rocky Mountains. We now long for spring and summer as our thoughts turn to hikes in the alpine.

I know that alpine flowers are one of the main reasons people go to high places in the mountains. Who would not marvel at fresh fields of avalanche lilies which tend to come up about 7 days from when snow patches melt? Fussy Pussytoes are so delicate when they emerge from the ground and so soft to the touch. Indian Paint Brush tells about the nutrients in the ground by their coloration: vivid reds, chocolate, pale greens, pink…. Alpine Fire Weed also known as River Beauty light up the landscape with their deep pink/ purple.

At Talus Lodge where a myriad of moisture regimes are the norm, the flower lover finds every type of plant and flower from the saxifrages, to the bleak talus slope exploiters such as Hawks Beard with the rosette of leaves and the bright yellow flower center. The Mist Maiden which thrives in moist and shadowy places is of delicate beauty. Chinese Lanterns, Drabas, Fairy’s Candelabra…..

The combination of flora with the geology and views in the area are but some of the components of what make a visit to Talus Lodge a must to get away from it all and to spend time in the pristine alpine setting for us to explore, to move freely, to immerse in nature, to recharge.