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Summer/Fall 2012

What a season!

There was late snow on the ground that offered great opportunities for great contrast and photography. Sedimentary lines and folds on the mountains stayed alive to the naked eye, patches of avalanche lilies everywhere as they chased the melting snow and flowered a few days later. Globe flowers and anemones grew fast and used the additional moisture and sun power to gain healthy growth.

Vegetation came in late generally but its growth was amazingly fast and succulent, when the floral peak happened it resulted in carpets of a myriad or colors and plants everywhere! Winds over the meadows offered an incredible opportunity to observe the vegetation sway and move as the wheat moves under windy conditions in the prairies. What a feast to the eye!

Creeks and melt water kept the land alive with their flowing music and accentuated the experience of being in the alpine meadows at Talus Lodge. North and East aspects offered plenty of opportunities to boot ski or toboggan down snow patches!

September came and the big mammals came up to the alpine to harvest the now fat ground squirrels as they satisfied their need for protein. The larch trees started to turn as they took the cue from the shortening days. Hikers donned shorts to enjoy the unusual warm days of late September and cooled on the local alpine tarns to freshen after the day’s outdoor adventures.

Clear and blue skies dominated the season as forest fires in the area were few or non-significant to affect views. Talus Lodge explorers were treated to seeing the crisp adjacent and distant mountains on their full magnificence.  

Talus Lodge visitors this year were treated to an unforgettable experience!!

Chris Espinel