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Talus Eco Lodge

p1120867Talus Eco Lodge
You would be pleased to know that when you choose Talus Lodge as your Canadian Rockies alpine experience you are selecting an Eco Lodge. We try to minimize our impact on the environment and wilderness surrounding our operation.
At Talus Eco Lodge we make sure our grey water is as clean as possible before being discharged into a dry area adjacent to the Lodge. We have installed a removable screen at the outlet of the kitchen sink, which removes any foods coarse fragments to prevent the discharge of food particles into our area. The gray water then continues into a settling tank where non water contents are allowed to settle and taken out. The filtered grey water is then discharged into a dry area.
Talus Eco Lodge has a solar system for lighting the lodge and for charging low voltage batteries. We have almost eliminated the need to use a power generator. The generator is now used only on cloudy days when our solar panels are not able to capture sufficient solar rays.
All waste from Talus Eco Lodge is flown out for disposal at the land fill in Invermere during our guest exchange days. The waste is sorted into compost, plastics and recyclables.
At Talus Eco lodge we have minimized the human foot print as we take advantage of the open terrain and visibility. We have only built hiking trails that are necessary for the enjoyment of the alpine by our guests. Trails to and from the lodge are well marked in an effort not to disturb the gorgeous alpine vegetation in our setting.
Upon arrival to the Talus Eco Lodge guests are briefed on all the above items and their cooperation is requested to keep Talus Eco Lodge and the surrounding area in as natural a state as possible to minimize our ecological footprint.