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Talus Lodge Summit 06 July 2017

Talus Summit 06 July 2017
Whiteman Mt. SE Ridge Elevation 2880m.
– Sunny and warm slightly hazy with slight breeze that mitigated the heat.
– The World visible to us appeared fantastic, beautiful and serene.
– Lakes, tarns, creeks, snow fields, other summits in BC and AB could be seen.
– During our hike up from the valley bottom we passed valley flowers, emerging vegetation of all kinds coming to life after their long winter slumber. Fields and fields of avalanche lilies. Melt water was flowing everywhere watering the land and providing us with that beautiful mountain water for our thirst. Small animals were going about their daily lives and signs of grizzly bear diggings were seen.
1.- We need to get to more summits
2.- We need to inhale the mountain air as it seems to make thinking a bit easier. The grandeur of the land seen from up high does not seem to alter the cognitive senses in a negative way and in fact it may enhance them.
3.- When at ta summit spend as much time as possible and take it all in.
Actions suggested:
– Visit lakes, rivers, tarns, meadows or any nature feature. Repeat as often as possible or as needed.
– Book Talus Lodge and come and immerse yourself in paradise for a few days.
Chris Espinel