The location

Talus Lodge is located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies in the East Kootneys. On the British Columbia side of the Continental Great Divide, Talus Lodge is located at 2300 m of elevation. Our closest neighbors are wild residents of Banff National Park. As the crow flies, Brother Andre is 22 km to the North at Assiniboine, the fine folks at Nipika are 25 km westwardly and Engadine Lodge is keeping it classy 17 km to the east. We are in good company! The closest town and our staging area is the fine town of Canmore, Alberta. Canmore is about an hour away from the Calgary International Airport.

Talus is accessible by helicopter. We will be offering guided ski touring and hiking to and from Talus via Burstall Pass in 2020 for strong backcountry skiers and hikers. For safety reasons, we do not allow guest access without a Talus guide. There are no marked trails leading to Talus.

Talus Lodge is nestled in the larch trees on a rocky plateau. There are eight lakes at our front door. One pocket glacier. Soaring peaks. And a world of yahooo!

Getting Here

Access to Talus Lodge is via helicopter, with flights from Canmore Municipal Heliport or Mount Shark Helipad on Thursday and Monday’s. We recommend staying in Canmore at our sister property, the Paintbox Lodge,  the day before your trip to Talus and booking commercial flights the day after leaving Talus.

For more information on baggage, loading and unloading procedures, please view our Helicopter Procedures.