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Variety at Talus Lodge

Because Talus Lodge is situated on a plateau which straddles two drainages with very different moisture regime; the landscape, soils, land surface use by fauna and flora offer a natural variety that is truly outstanding.

To the west, Talus is flanked by the Cross River system which in terms of moisture is very representative of the Rocky Mountains in BC at our latitude, with Lodgepole pine being a predominant tree which in time is replaced by Douglas-fir as a climax species. It is estimated that the annual precipitation would be in the range of 25-30 inches a year which produces a relatively dry environment. At the present time only small glaciers which are receding are part of the landscape. In this environment, when walking west from the Talus Lodge plateau, the transition to lower elevation offers a variety of flora best represented by Willow herb or Alpine fireweed in morainal  or rocky places along with an amazing variety of saxifrages (“rock breakers”), Pussy toes and generally flora that flourish in shallow soils.

On the east side of the Talus Lodge plateau is a moist drainage known as the Albert River which starts from Spray Pass and on the Continental Great Divide. The east side of the Albert is flanked by the massive Royal Group Range that because of their height capture moisture that in the winter, produces substantial snow fall that feed glaciers. The back end of the Albert River system is characterized by Engelmann spruce, Alpine fir and Cedar groves with an estimated precipitation of 50 inches a year. The Albert drainage in combination with winds from the west is the conduit for moisture into Alberta and the Burstall Pass general area. When walking east from the Talus plateau, the visitor finds more developed soils  due to increased moisture. Mosses, Indian hellebore, high elevation Colt’s foot can be found sustained by this moisture and deeper soils.

The transition from mountain tops down to commercial forest east and west of Talus offer a myriad of combinations and conditions that produce marvelous variety, directly influenced by:  climate, elevation, time, plant succession..  At the same time animals and living things pick the areas where they make their living in accordance to their adaptations and needs.

Take a look at our Photo Galleries to get a better idea of what we offer summer or winter. Check out our Flickr photo page to see images of recent visitors to our piece of  heaven.  Visit Talus Lodge and enjoy paradise for a few days: hike, ski, mountaineer, and jump into tarns of cool water on a hot summer day! Live it up!  We would love to host you.