Mount Assiniboine’s south and east impressive sides can be seen from Talus Lodge and surrounding area. Talus Lodge is 21 km SE of Mount Assiniboine, as the crow flies.

Come to Talus Lodge to watch Mount Assiniboine create its own weather. On clear days, lenticular clouds hit its summit as they pass over it fueled by west/south west winds. On windy and stormy days the nature show can be observed as clouds boil from the Cross River valley below Talus and storms pass through White Man Pass. Lightning of course is also very impressive to watch from the safety of our comfortable lodge.

Between Talus lodge and Mount Assiniboine other well known historic mountains enhance its majesty: White Man Mountain, Mount Currie, Red Man Mountain, Aurora Mountain, Mount Alcantara, and the broad Brussilof Mountain; fill the horizon. Behind them Eon and Eye mountains flank the imposing pyramid that Mount Assiniboine projects on the skyline.

On the British Columbia side of the Continental Great Divide, Talus Lodge is located at 2300 m of elevation and it is accessed via helicopter flights from Canmore and Mt Shark.

Talus Lodge would be pleased to accommodate those guests who are searching to explore the Mount Assiniboine general area and Canadian Rocky Mountains. Talus Lodge offers the comforts of modern new buildings and facilities and a superb setting. In addition “The Talon”, an imposing horn in the Talus Lodge area will be your beacon and source of inspiration.

From Talus Lodge, you can enjoy breathtaking views to the east as well:  The Royal Group; Mount Sir Douglas, Mount Queen Elizabeth, Mount Leman, Mount Leval, King George Mountain, Queen Mary Mountain. Also view Burstall Pass area, Spray Pass, Leman Lake and more. Talus Lodge offers a truly remarkable wilderness experience in the scenic Canadian Rockies.

Come and experience the beautiful Rocky Mountains of British Columbia and Talus Lodge. We look forward to hosting your vacation.