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Rime on trees

Winter onset

Winter is setting in as another autumn is just a distant memory. The landscape gradually changes to white, temperatures drop, days get shorter and ponds and lakes freeze. Time to turn to winter fun.

 After the stormTrees wrapped in rime, snow and weather

tall and short and wide and narrow

silver base background of gray and wispy

dark lines and bright patches against the sky

 Mountain tops whiter every day as we anticipate those ski turns, toboggan runs or snow shoe trails.

 Soon we will be in the alpine looking down the valleys and the tracks that mark our route. We may see or hear the ptarmigan calls and if we are lucky we will see the buds and bark they munch on for survival. Tracks of snowshoe hare or weasels or small rodents will tell us travelling patterns and direction. Perhaps we will see mountain lion or wolverine tracks or wings of a raptor etched in the snow….

Patterns of life everywhere.

 As we enter the lodge after an invigorating day, a warm drink beckons as we reminisce about our adventures.

 This is what winter is about.

 Experience this and more at Talus Lodge