Talus Backcountry Lodge commits to climate action
Lodge owners incentivize local travel and promote human powered backcountry adventures
December 2019

Talus Backcountry Lodge, East Kootenays, Ktunaxa Territory, BC— Joining millions of Earth inhabitants and nations, Talus Backcountry Lodge, has joined the global movement to make climate action a priority. Owners, Thomas Grandi and Sara Renner are mountain-raised Olympic skiers.  Their mission is to provide journeys, consistent as much as possible, with the highest standards of environmental conscience. 

Talus Backcountry Lodge will be encouraging local travel and transitioning to guided self propelled adventures. A greenhouse gas energy audit indicated that promoting local travel would have the greatest climate action impact. To support regional tourism, residents living within 150 km of Talus Backcountry Lodge can take advantage of local pricing. Guests will also soon be able to access the spectacular East Kootenay backcountry lodge via guided hiking routes, cutting the carbon footprint of their stay and providing a deeper connection to the surrounding environment. The transition to guided summer hiking access will result in a three fold reduction in carbon emissions. 

“The surprise for us was that the greatest reduction in carbon emissions wasn’t getting people from Canmore to Talus but how they get to Canmore” said Grandi. “The future is enjoying our own backyard and this is a spectacular backyard”.

“It is important that the summer business could transition to human powered access” said Renner. “These are changing times. We have a responsibility and capacity to make positive progress. In this case, the solutions can deliver a more meaningful wilderness experience. Self propelled journeys feed the soul, foster physical and mental health and provide a greater connection to each other and to Earth.” 

Helicopters will continue to be an important and integral component of the backcountry operation. Talus relies heavily on their vital services, including winter transportation, groceries, propane and firewood delivery and rescue services. The transition to summer hiking access will enable the operation to reduce carbon emissions. 

“The science is clear and our kids are counting on us,” said Grandi. “We aren’t the only people motivated to be the change.  We believe that mountain culture is changing and people will become much more selective in their holiday decisions.

“I know of no two people in the entire Canadian Rockies who have contributed more, care more and share more of the unique character and spirit of the mountains in which they live than Sara Renner and Thomas Grandi” said  Bob Sandford United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment & Health Chair, Water and Climate Security.

Despite standing on the some of the tallest podiums in the world of sport, the two champions feet never left the ground. Throughout their sporting careers, they witnessed the effect of climate change on winter sports and mountain environments.  They struggled with the voracious carbon appetite of their professional ski racing careers and personal lives. This awareness led the couple down a lifelong path of environmental advocacy. They spearheaded a carbon offset program for athletes with David Suzuki’s,  Play It Cool, supported environmental movements and brought environmental based decision making into their lives. 

“Part of being human is to recognize our personal impact. There are no big solutions. Only many small ones. We want to be part of that” said Thomas. 

Summer 2020
Climate action pricing: residents living within 150 km of Talus Backcountry Lodge can take advantage of a 10% discount applied to the nightly rate.
Guided hiking access for private groups. Transportation provided.

Summer 2021
Complete transition to guided hiking access. Transportation provided.

Fusion of helicopter and guided ski touring access.

For safety reasons, guests must travel with a Talus guide. Summer transportation from Canmore is provided.  



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