Talus is a fully catered and guided backcountry hiking lodge for private groups of 10-12 people. In the summer, Talus is a guided hike access lodge and transportation is provided from Canmore, Alberta.

The lodge is perched at tree line, in the high alpine. It is nestled amongst the larch trees, surrounded by turquoise lakes, wildflowers galore and soaring peaks.  There are no marked and few established trails. Don’t expect a fluffed and buffed trail network or hands in the pocket walking. The hiking is challenging and soul food for those seeking wild space and connecting with their inner mountain goat. Talus is wild, queen of the micro-terrain and the moss boss of the Rockies.

Daily guided hikes range from 5 kilometers to 20 kilometers. Elevation gain ranges are from 300-1000 meters. The guiding program is determined each morning based on weather, conditions and the groups ambitions. The hikes often set off in the same directions and there is often a group that goes longer, farther and higher.

The hiking terrain includes meadows, high plateau walking and, if the conditions permit, ridge walking.


  • Talus runs a safety conscious hiking program led by ACMG hiking guides.
  • It’s best if the group has relativity the same ability and/or understands that the guiding team guides to the average level of the group.  There are often turn around points for folks who want to head home early.
  • Talus Lodge is accessible by guided hiking and provided transportation from Canmore, Alberta.  Guests are required to hike in with their gear required for their stay. Due to safety reasons, including active mining and logging in the area, absence of marked trails, difficult terrain that requires skilled navigation, access is only possible with the provided guide and transportation. Talus does not permit self guiding. For more information on hike access: click here.
  • Minors require parental and/or guardians attendance in order to take part in the guiding program.
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