JULY 1, 2019-SEPTEMBER 30, 2019

Talus Lodge is nestled in a spectacular alpine setting located on a limestone plateau between the upper reaches of the Cross and Albert Rivers and four kilometers South from Banff National Park’s boundary. The area is a true wilderness where a combination of streams, lakes, topography and elevation offer the opportunity to experience nature and view wildlife from a cozy home base. The lodge is a new building designed to offer comfort, balanced with a keen desire to maintain and protect the delicate ecological values within our area of operation and adjacent territories.

The chalet is in close proximity to White Man Pass and Spray Pass and therefore, can also act as a hub for explorations to and from the Spray River Valley, Palliser Pass and Burstall Pass in Banff National Park and Kananaskis Provincial Park.

There are possibilities for nature viewing, wildlife observing and hiking due to the variety of terrain. Hiking at Talus is challenging as there are no marked trails. Plateau walking and accessible mountain ridges offer outstanding views of the surrounding area. These mountains include: Mount Assiniboine, The Royal Group, Mount Sir Douglas, Mount Birdwood, and Burstall Pass. Many small alpine lakes add to the beauty of the hiking terrain.

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