Hiking in the Rockies

To feel the majesty of the longest mountain chain in North America hiking in the Rockies is an opportunity not to be missed.

In Canada, hiking in the Rockies starts by selecting the area that offers some of the easiest access, best weather, magnificent views, variety in landscape, vegetation, geology and from a comfortable and safe home base.

Why not start your hiking in the Rockies experience by selecting a grand area surrounded by Canadian National Parks such as Banff, Kootenay and Provincial Parks such as Kananaskis (AB), Height of the Rockies (BC) and iconic towns like Banff as well as Canmore AB? Hiking in the Rockies is made even easier by the proximity of Calgary International Airport at only over an hour’s drive to Canmore.

Beginning with a magnificent helicopter flight from Canmore or Mt. Shark AB your first glimpse of your hiking terrain for hiking in the Rockies will surely pique your interest. During the flight you will see well known places such as Burstall Pass in Kananaskis Park, The Royal Group of impressive mountains in BC and of course Mount Assiniboine looming in the distance as you fly over Banff National Park! Your flight is just a taste of what is to come.

Talus Lodge is one of the superb facilities to base your hiking in the Rockies exploration. This backcountry lodge located above treeline offers unimpeded views of the majestic mountains from its decks, dining area and rooms. Like Assiniboine, Talus Lodge offers its own iconic mountain which we like to call the Talon. You will have your breakfast while looking at our iconic peak as well as catching glimpses of Assiniboine! Then you are off for your day of hiking in the Rockies to touch and feel and breathe the mountain air. You will walk and marvel at the wild mountain flowers, the variety of Cambrian age layered rocks. On sunny days, you may consider a cool dip in one of our tarns. You will also be enticed to photograph the scenery as unlimited mountain views unfold at every turn of your hiking experience. Hiking in the Rockies would not be complete without sampling the delicious food served at Talus Lodge in the company of like-minded people sharing your experience.

The Milky Way and the night sky is a sight not to be missed and it is another amazing component of your hiking in the Rockies stay. Take the time to look up and see how many constellations you may recognize! See Venus shining brightly in the early morning. Enjoy the silence and beauty of the night.

Your experience of hiking in the Rockies concludes during your flight back as you leave the amazing mountainous terrain but your memories will last forever.

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