Talus Lodge FAQ

Yes. If you prefer a private room you must book 2 Talus packages. Our rates are based on double occupancy only.

No. Enjoy being unplugged for your Talus Lodge visit.

NO. Our solar panels generate power for low wattage items such as camera batteries. Our system is not able to generate the high power required to run hair dryers/curlers.

Depending on your group and the goals for the day elevation gain on our hikes may range from 2000-4000ft. Some groups may do less than 2000ft/day (keen flower folk) while advanced hikers will exceed 4000ft if they are comfortable in climbing mountain ridges.

With our capacity of 12 guests we have a guide and an assistant and we would normally have two groups based on fitness and hiking experience. Generally we have a ratio of 1 guide per 6 hikers. We strongly recommend you are fit to hike for your Talus experience.

We have some trails around the lodge, however because we are located mainly on open terrain we have routes we use frequently which may be hard to follow. We strongly recommend you take the guided option if it is your first time at Talus Lodge.

The first 6 people to book for Talus Lodge depart from Canmore; the next 6 guests depart from Mt Shark as the helicopter seat capacity is for 6 people. Book early.

The facilities cabin is attached to the main lodge building by a short walking deck above ground. The facilities cabin is equipped with showers, sinks, sauna and toilets.

YES enviro-friendly soap, shampoo and personal toiletries


NO, lunch is provided.

The lodge building is located at 2320 m or 7600 ft. of elevation

Compared to Golden and Revelstoke the Talus Lodge area gets about one third (1/3) of their precipitation. Our weather trends more towards the Columbia Valley and the Rocky Mt. Trench and therefore we enjoy a far more benign weather than Canmore and Banff. Because the overall weather in the mountains could be extremely variable we strongly recommend you bring hiking gear and layers that will keep you warm and dry.