The Setting

Experience the Canadian Rockies without giving up the comfort of home. Talus Lodge offers remote, alpine accommodation where you can relax and enjoy our Summer and Winter activities without leaving the wilderness.

This is a wild, alpine setting in a pristine backcountry area where the combination of streams, lakes, topography and elevation offer the opportunity to experience nature and view wildlife while enjoying the inviting and comfortable home base that is Talus Lodge.

The lodge site is dominated by an outstanding mountain horn. A mixture of exposed limestone and meadows of heather and delicate, wild flowers adorn the area throughout the snow free months. A healthy ptarmigan population inhabit the meadows year around. Larch trees surround the lodge site and rim the alpine plateau within easy access of the lodge. Glaciers in the immediate vicinity provide melt water for the three lakes and meadows.

Just some of the seasonal amenities available include: nature viewing, wilderness photography, wildlife observation, hiking, skiing and snowshoeing. Easy plateau walking and accessible mountain ridges offer outstanding views of the surrounding area. These include: Mount Assiniboine, The Royal Group, Mount Sir Douglas, Mount Birdwood, and Burstall Pass. Many small alpine lakes add to the beauty of the terrain.