We loved the energy and serenity of Talus Lodge, Chris, Mark, and the Mels ensured our full bellies and hiking adventures. The knowledge and the wisdom of the mountains and trails came through Chris’ informed talks. We loved the overall ambiance! The pomp of friends who included us in their weekend getaway made us feel a part of the gang. New adventures and new friends –a wonderful combo. Thanks for everything!

— Emily and Mark Boston, MA July 2017

From the scenery for the lodge and great hosts. Chris, Mel, Mark and Melissa kept us warm, well fed, entertained and in awe of this amazing area. Every corner blossoms with beautiful views and teasing us further along.

— Eric and Anna Calgary, AB July 2017

August 2017 Long weekend-Celebrating Canada’s 150. This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I never expected to accomplish hikes like this given the altitude and terrain. I laughed, cursed, and cried, but ultimately, I pushed myself past my comfort zone. This could not have been possible without the patience of Grant and Mark guiding us through their “backyard”. I will never forget this holiday with my friends and all the new friends I met at the lodge. Thank you

— Shelly-Ann ((hugs))

Chris, Mark and Sue-such an awesome team. We’ve had a memorable visit: super food, great hikes, many laughs and wonderful companionship. Throughout the winter, I will look at my photos, my sketches and watercolours and smile. I hope to see you in the streets of Invermere. With any luck I will return next summer to hike and paint. Many thanks and blessings

— Pat and Marilee BC and AB August 2017

This is the best place ever!!! Kaari
Chris & Mark, so lovely wandering in Patterson’s backyard with you. Wonderful knowledge of the wildflowers. My camera is crammed with more pictures that ever before. Big smiles on the inside

– Mitzi Canada, US August 2017

Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful stay. The setting is spectacular, but as much as the varied landscapes , vistas and beautiful wildflowers we appreciated the small touches-pointing out secret tunnels in the rock, taking Kaari out in search of picas and returning with a list of flowers to dry and bring home, and the laid back, friendly environment. Thank you!!

— Rebecca, Andrew, Anna & Kaari US August 2017

Chris, Mel and Mark . Thank you so much for a fabulous week. Beautiful hikes. Mel – thanks for fabulous meals, home cooking for sure. Mark- thanks for your wonderful support & knowledge. Chris- thanks for all the hiking tips, keep your spoon in the pot.

— Chris and Stu BC Aug 2017

Well, this was honestly a trip of a lifetime-blue sky, fantastic views, outstanding weather, incredible hiking. 
Thank you Grant and Mel for a wonderful weekend. You were both terrific hosts!! We made it to our 35th wedding anniversary-what a way to spend it- The food was great, conversations& laughter warmed our souls. Hope we can come again.

– Rob and Brenda Calgary, AB Aug 2017

Thank you for an amazing week at Talus Lodge. The scenery was spectacular, the hikes were amazing and the food was fabulous. You made us feel completely at home in your mountain paradise and you taught us how to walk in the mountains with confidence. We will treasure our memories and photos and specially our mountain swim. You are an amazing guide with a passion for all things wild.

— Beverly and Karen – Invermere, BC

The obvious treat is your wonderful natural setting. It is restoring! The real thing for me was to experience the thoughtfulness of your design and operation. Add to that the interesting conversation and warmth provided a wonderful interlude in our busy lives. Thanks!!

— Gordon – Waterloo, ON

A wonderful setting. Bright spacious lodge and felt at home. Thank you Chris, Heather and Yannick, for the memories. We learned to pole properly and to slow down and soak in the things that are right around us, and less so on where we’re going and how fast we can get there. Thank you for your careful foresight that helped craft as enjoyable mountain experience.

— Tony and Wilma – Nanaimo, BC 2016

There is no better experience when all your Ups and Downs are in the mountains. The Talus Lodge and fabulous guides and Chef Michelle made the time here a memorable time to be remembered always. Thanks again to Grant, Mark and Michelle.

— Bev, Pathfinders – Calgary AB 2016

A week here is not enough. Wildlife pops out everywhere. Hiking with no trails is freeing. The isolation from other people and technology is relaxing. We saw a wolverine on Rock Jasmine Point, when we least expected it. So keep your eyes peeled. Chris you are the best!

— Melina – Seattle Wash 2016

How many ways can you say WOW! Travelled all over the world and so grateful to have found a “gem of a place “ in my backyard. Thanks Chris, Mark and Mel for a great time.

— Diane – Calgary 2016

Everything exceeded our expectations -A hidden gem in the Rocky Mts. We loved the scenery, the flowers, the food, the guides, the ambiance – A winter trip would be exceptional. Also we’ll return

— The three amigas – Julie, Cynthia and Siobhan – Calgary, AB 2016

Majestic beauty. Peaceful vistas. A sense of eternity as we cautiously travelled across ancient sea beds. Congenial company. Memorable conversations. Thank you Chris and Moe for a wonderful mountain adventure.

— Claudette, Calgary 2015

Thank you for setting up this perfect nest in the most beautiful landscape I’ve seen and experienced for a long time. In the Chinese tradition, the ideal location has mountain and water and here at Talus you have it all. You’ve given me a taste for the Canadian Rockies and I’ll certainly be back for more…

— Hirondelle T, NY 2015<

My 62nd birthday – what a place to spend it! … I feel blessed to live in this gorgeous country and be able to come to places like Talus to revel on their beauty. Many thanks to Chris and Sherry – friendly, low key guiding and fabulous food (great company too). We’ll be back!

— Linda, Kelowna BC 2015

Another wonderful 4 days at Talus! Often worry that returning to visit a place we enjoyed so much would not repeat. That was not the case (even though weather wasn’t always cooperative). Thank you to Chris and everyone for a great time.

— Linda C Scotia, NY 2015

Chris – a fantastic guide – full of information. Thank you for sharing your mountain with us, sharing your splendor. Every corner offered something special to remember. Our cameras sure got a work out… Thank you is not enough.

— 5th Dimension, Calgary AB 2015

Such a beautiful spot, relaxing, exhilarating, the views are phenomenal. I loved every minute. Have never experienced anything like this before. And the hospitality was outstanding…

— Nancy R, Calgary 2015

We had a great few days – wish we could stay longer. Many thanks to Chris for showing us some of the interesting plants and fossils, without him we wouldn’t have had such an immersive experience. Michelle’s food was excellent and made us feel good after a day of hiking. … we will remember this trip for a very long time.

— Geoff and Monika, Calgary 2015

Having been to several BC lodges in the Rockies, I can vouch that Talus Lodge is among the best. Combining a breathtaking setting with warm hospitality, Talus exceeded all my expectations for a wonderful wilderness experience.

— Malcolm F Larchmont, NY 2015

…Your expertise and experience made for many insights into hiking, nature and specifically these great Canadian Rockies

— Dustin and Kristi B Saskatchewan 2015

… A little patch of paradise in our beautiful Rocky Mountains. Fantastic food, fantastic camaraderie, fantastic scenery/hikes and the chance to meet new, interesting people…

— Shannon T, Calgary AB 2015

Thank you for making our third annual sister’s hiking trip the most memorable so far. The scenery here is beyond spectacular. Each hike was awe inspiring and full of geology, views and great stories. Perhaps even more wonderful was meeting Chris with his great guiding skills and insight……

We will be back in a few years to create some more stories and memories.

— Katherine and Jane, Ottawa and Toronto, ON 2014

Location, location, location!  The lodge has it all: great location, beautiful alpine flowers, interesting geology, genial hosts, delicious food, etc, etc. Even my second time around, exceeded expectations, and it was the perfect place to show the best of the Rocky Mountains to my Spanish friend.

— Teri S, Saskatoon, SK 2014

Thank you so much for a wonderful three days at Talus Lodge. The hospitality and fellowship around the lodge was different and better than other lodges we have experienced. The food was excellent. And of course the hikes were outstanding with pace and distance available for both the fast and the slower guests. We will especially remember our hike to the Continental Divide. Thanks again.

— Steve and Catherine B, Calgary, AB 2014

An absolutely stupendously amazing experience!! Thanks to the staff that contributed to making it so, to Rhonda for fattening us with the most delicious meals and to Chris and Lynn for balancing it with daily hikes. Thanks Chris for showing us all the gems hidden around every corner, for sharing your knowledge about the land, vegetation and keeping us safe from the bears. We also appreciated all photography opportunities and sharing the experience with you. All of you were great company and this week has been unforgettable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

— Morganite, Rita, and Mad; Creston, Nelson and Fanny Bay, BC 2014

What a fantastic place! This has been one of the best hiking holidays we have taken. The terrain was spectacular, the lodge beautiful and everything lodge related (cooking, guiding, etc) matched the setting. This lodge has now surpassed the Lake O’Hara area as our favorite place for Rockies hiking.

— Freda and David, Toronto and Canmore, AB 2014

We thoroughly enjoyed the “global” mountain experience offered to us at Talus Lodge – amazing alpine flowers, rocks, small mountain creature encounters and incredible 360 degree vistas. Hiking in the mountains will never be the same! Great memories from our guided hikes with Chris, what exquisite meals prepared by Chef Kieran and Sandra! Muchas  gracias, volveremos pronto!

— Inessa and Larissa M, Toronto and Edmonton, 2014

…Words cannot describe how wonderful these five days have been. We are truly blessed to have shared your passions.

— Bev and Roger, Oliver, BC 2014

It’s been a slice! We now know how to walk on rocks and how to hold our poles. Great hikes, great food, great companions. Thanks Chris, Kieran and Sandra.

— Nancy and Ken, 100 Mile House, BC

… the first view of the lodge and the background of mountains is truly breathtaking… Gourmet food in a remote lodge, we were impressed!…  Thank you Chris, you and Joanne have created a remarkable destination in the most beautiful place ever.   Just as photos fail to capture the magic of Talus, so our words are inadequate in describing how much we loved the whole experience – your wonderful company, the excellent food and lodging and above all, the spectacular scenery that ranged from underfoot to the tops of the mountains.  We’d love to come back.  Regards, George and Veda

— Veda and George S/H, Delta, BC 2014

Hard to say goodbye! It is just a cathedral of spiritual peace @ “your” Talus Lodge. Chris, Kieran, Stephanie you made this a most memorable trip for Geri and I. it is so hard to describe what it meant to us… Thank you! it is grand!

— Penny B, Calgary, AB 2014

…Where do we begin?  This place is truly magical and we are so grateful you have shared it with us. Thank you for your warmth, good humor, hiking wisdom and superb food. We will be back and will be sending as many kiwis as we can your way……

— Lisa and Ed S, New Zealand, 2014

We hiked, we ate, we hiked, we took in the sauna. We hiked and sang and we hiked… you get the picture….. The scenery is a big part of what makes Talus so special but it is the family feeling created by Chris and emulated by everyone in turn works to make this a memorable experience. Thank you.

— Sylvia B, Red Deer, AB 2014

Our stay at Talus Lodge was the highlight of the summer this year for Cedric and myself..  It is an amazingly beautiful site and your guiding was just right for us.

— Robin, Calgary, 2013

Many thanks for the pics which brought back happy memories of our Talus Lodge visit, especially the Royal Group hike. This was the highlight of our summer and we have been spreading the word about the wonders of Talus Lodge and its surroundings ever since.

— Tris and Sue, Calgary, 2013

All we expected and more – so close to nature. Quiet and simple. Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves – John Muir. Great time!

— Irene and Bill, Invermere, 2013

A very special place with hosts that made you feel like you were at home, only with better food and service. Chris is a knowledgeable and experienced guide who made great efforts to make the hikes enjoyable for all. A great place for nature lovers of all ages. We will be back.

— Joni and George, Calgary, 2013

Spectacular scenery; glorious experience – waterfalls, flowers, full moon shining behind the mountains, tarns, lakes, meadows. Great hospitality, food and wonderful company. Another perfect week together.

— Brenda, Campbell River, 2013

Beautiful mountain meadows, wild skies and memorable hikes… all of which take on even more significance with the expertise of our excellent guides and delicious food. Thank you Aaron, Grant and Gina.

— Myrna and Rock, Calgary, 2013

A beautiful lodge in an absolutely stunning location. We were treated like royalty – thanks to Aaron, Gina and Grant! We hope to return some day!

— Dianna and Brian, Calgary, 2013

Another wonderful visit among the mountains, away from the rest of the world. Everything about this place is great. I LOVE TO BE HERE!

— Susan and Dennis, NJ, USA, 2013

I loved everything about being here – the meals, the shower, the beds, the scenery, the gracious hosting. I hope to be back.

— Shirley, Calgary, 2013

Chris, you have created a very special place here at Talus Lodge. Thank you for your expert and considerate guiding, advice on poling techniques and good humor, which combined to make a 4 day stay visit and unforgettable experience.

Aaron, thank you for the delicious, plentiful and nutritious meals which were a highlight of the Talus experience.

— Tris and Sue, Calgary, 2013

What a wonderful 3 days – awesome hiking, incredible guiding, magnificent scenery and spectacular company. The complete mountain experience – supplemented by healthy and wholesome meals!

— Derek, Janet and Zoe, Calgary and Canmore, 2013

We had a wonderful visit at Talus. Fantastic hikes, delicious food, goat sighting, boot skiing, dips in the glacial lake, great company and lots of photos. Thank you. We will be back.

— David and Adriane, Chicago, 2013

Thank you for sharing your awesome cabin with us. It is a first class lodge with great snow conditions, awesome views and good company. Hope to be back soon.

— Martin, Toronto 2013

The larches, the lakes, the mountains
In all directions, fabulous views
The welcoming lodge. The dinners divine
Thank you so much for a wonderful time.

— Anne, AB 2012

….We have been hiking the high alpine for 17 summers together in the canadian rockies, as a group and this was decidedly one of our favorite destinations. It had it all: Chris and his staff were very friendly and helpful, the hearty meals were skillfully prepared and tasty, the lodge met all of our needs and the location and scenery were spectacular.

The surrounding high alpine hikes were to ridges and view points with plenty of challenges and some wonderful vistas. There is something for hikers of all ages and abilities in this terrain….

— Sheila, AB Trip Advisor 2012

What a delightful fall! The larches and hikes and fine people made for a once in a lifetime respite from life. Great food too, lots of wildlife – human and otherwise. May Talus long save those who love the wilds.

— David, Calgary 2012

Talus Lodge is in a remote pristine alpine location. I have hiked extensively in the Canadian Rockies and I can tell you first-hand that Talus Lodge is a one-of-a-kind amazing destination and well worth the effort to get to.

My family and I visited Talus from August 6-10, 2012. We came as a family of four with two adults and two children aged 12. Chris and Joanne Espinel, the owners/operators of the Lodge and their assistant guide Aaron made us feel most welcome.

The Lodge accommodations are solid. The bedrooms are comfortable although not particularly luxurious, but that is not the reason you come to Talus! Bathrooms are shared. There is a sauna that was not used by anyone in our group but was certainly available if we wanted. There is also a private cabin, if you choose, that appears to accommodate at least 6 comfortably. The “home cooked” meals created by Joanne were excellent – tasty and well prepared.

Daily hikes were fully guided by Chris and/or Aaron, although I believe there is a self-guiding option on their website. Both Chris and Aaron are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. We saw incredible scenery and enjoyed our hikes immensely due in large part to our expert guides. For this reason, and even if you have stayed at Talus before, I recommend you take advantage of the Talus Lodge guides’ expertise.

— Jeff, AB Trip Advisor 2012

This is an incredible special place. I feel more joyous and relaxed here than almost anywhere I‘ve been. it’s wonderful to go out on hikes and equally wonderful to come back to the lodge. And great food doesn’t hurt!… Thank you for creating this lovely place.

— Susan and Dennis, US 2012

This was the second time my father and I have been to Talus and it was just as amazing as the first time. The lodge is located in such a beautiful area surrounded by gorgeous lakes and offers the most beautiful views of the mountains and stars from our bedroom. Both times our meals have exceeded our expectations and they were able to kindly accommodate for my gluten intolerance, even baking desserts that include gluten free cookies, brownies and cheesecake. The hikes guided by Chris were absolutely fabulous. He has a wealth of knowledge and took us to see some of the most incredible views beyond my imagination. I would highly recommend Talus to anyone and everyone.

— Ashley, AB Trip Advisor 2012

Your magnificent domain is unique, tranquil, awe inspiring and memorable. A truly comfortable visit. Thank you.

— Sally, Calgary 2012

Four glorious days in a wonderful time warp! I want to sing “Back in the Rockies again”.
it’s been so many years since I’ve hiked here and it wouldn’t have been possible without the considerate pacing of Chris and Aaron as they led us into such spectacular places. Joanne’s meals were so good we’re all waiting for her cookbook! It was a splendid holiday!

— Anne, Vancouver BC 2012

My third summer visit to Talus and all the sweeter to share this beautiful place with my family. From a breath taking arrival swooping in by helicopter to a variety of mountain hikes… We finished with a bracing dip in one of the icy tarns below the lodge. Our meals were creative, abundant and exquisite, thanks to Jenny’s inspired touch….

— David, Denver CO// vini, vidi, ami (I came, I saw, I loved) Katherine 2012<

This was my first snowshoeing in the mountains and is still like a dream. Unbelievable views. Just such a wonderful week. This will now be my idea of what heavens will be like. hope to return one summer to hike!!!

— Frances, Brampton ON 2012

Two brothers and their great beautiful incredible wives on another hiking trip. What a reward to experience the hiking and the lodge, we saw: great beautiful tarns, some covered in ice, pretty flowers, interesting rocks, no bugs, beautiful waterfalls, tender moss, pikas, marmots and MOUNTAIN GOATS..

— Broda, Michael, David and Kathy, Calgary 2011

.. over the 3 days, we had time to do so much, paint, read, hike, photography, play and just look around at the unique 360 degree view at the top of the world. Then there was looking up at the dark, star filled sky…

— Evelyn, Alberta 2011

Your vision and manifestation of a place to humble oneself, and realize humanity’s place in nature, is Talus. Thank you for sharing and in turn I will share my experience with others…

— Namaste, 2011

Without compare, this has been simply spectacular in all ways-hospitality, hiking, flora, leadership, cuisine. Talus is a special, special place and we feel lucky to have experienced it. Do know that you make a difference in your guests’ lives.

— Peter, USA 2011

.. We feel like part of your family. Your passion and welcoming lodge were amazing. The hikes, vistas and food #1. We’ll be back!

— Deb, Edmonton, AB 2011

For me, this has been the best back-country experience ever. The flora, fauna, food, guiding and scenery were all outstanding….. It will be a long remembered experience.

— Sharon, Alberta 2011

We’ve been visiting mountain lodges for over a decade and this is the best ever. We conquered mountain summits, became one with a riot of flowers and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the adventure…

— Guy, Edmonton, AB 2011

Clear, bright sky as we wait for the helicopter to take us down. We want to hide out, avoid the evacuation, and stay until the snow comes!!

— June and Colin Edmonton, AB 2011

We have stayed at mountain lodges before but have never experienced the great combination of mountains and hospitality. Hiking at its best… gourmet meals…

— Julie and Joe, Pickering, ON 2011

.. One could not explain this place to those who have not been here – it is clearly heaven. A piece of paradise in the most spectacular setting I have ever seen…

— Donna, Ontario 2010

Talus Lodge is a rare gem in the Canadian Rockies. It is a lodge that is nestled into its environment in a very non obtrusive manner, and from which there are a bounty of areas to explore and sights to see. I love it for the diversity of the micro and macro landscapes, the many ecological zones that you can visit, and the profusion of flora and fauna. There is no lodge that I know of in Western Canada that has so much, in such close proximity to the Lodge. From each window and from every vantage point on the expansive decks of the lodge you have beautiful vistas; from the sun sparkling on the alpine tarns, to the majestic talon peak, the flowers in the meadow and the brooding bulk of Mt Assiniboine in the distance. This is a special place, which I have had the privilege of visiting three times and a place I know that I will continue to visit in the future.

— Bill Summers, Guelph, ON 2010

We came to Talus Lodge for opportunity, adventure, relaxation, and learning. We are leaving with an experience we will never forget… knowledge of plants, environment; hiking opportunities that are unsurpassed, complete relaxation and; smiles. Thank you very much for this opportunity, companionship, new friends and EXCELLENT food.

— William and Jan, “The States” 2010

You have reached the perfect balance between pampered and contributing to comforts. The hikes are not equaled anywhere in my experience. Flowers are exquisite. Thanks

— Dale, Nakusp, BC 2010

Thank you for the tranquility, the peace and the quiet, the serenity and the bliss. Thank you for your approach and attitude towards the “environment

— Bill and Maura, Calgary 2010

What can describe Talus Lodge – It has it all! Wonderful views, great company, fine food and perfect peace.. We can only hope that the future holds another visit!

— Haim and Miriam, Cambridge, Mass. 2010

Thank you so much for all you did to make this one of the best weeks of my life. The scenery, food and company was spectacular. Can’t wait to show all my friends the pictures.

— Mike, Ont 2009

Thank you for showing us the wonders of this area. Your warm hospitality and friendliness made it even more special. The hiking and scenery are truly magnificent and will hold a special place in my memory.

— Diane, Edmonton 2009

Magnifique! Bellisimo! Wunderbar! This is Canada at it’s unspoilt best. Talus, thanks for the opportunity

— Wayne, Ottawa 2009

Thank you so much for an absolutely fabulous experience. It was my first time staying and hiking from a lodge and I loved it – the spectacular scenery, the varied landscape and rocks, the beautiful flowers and of course the delicious food and hospitality. Thanks

— Donna, Canmore 2009

Words could not begin to express my gratitude for this idyllic sanctuary.
Serenity, solitude, peace among majestic peaks, still waters, colorful flower gardens – awesome!
I shall remember this “time apart” for “many moons”. Thank you.

— Doreen, 2008

A return to the mountains I love so much. The beauty here is beyond compare – the peaks, the lakes of glacial green, remnants of summer flowers, the snow storm, the many grizz digs and , the last day, of glorious autumn summer –
Chris – you are a gem of joy to be with with – Paul, thank you for your fountain of knowledge. Dietter “Chef”- wonderful meals, sprinkled with a “titchey- poo” of humor!!!
Hopefully, a return next spring to snowshoe –

— Ann, 2008

Our Favorite Things (at Talus)

High lofty mountains and cold icy lakes
Fine gourmet dinners and moist spicy carrot cakes
Saunas and sing songs, a loo with a view
These are the things Talus Lodge offers you.

Hiking to Cirque Lakes and to Angel’s Landing
Rain showers and snowstorms to frustrate your planning
Goats, deer and ptarmigan chicks, dear little things
These are the things that Talus Lodge brings.

When your feet ache, when your knees creek
When your back is bad,
You simply remember your great times spent here
And then you don’t feel so bad.

— Nanette, 2008

Truly beyond expectation, which is such a rarity these days! Trish and I kept pinching ourselves that we were actually here! Superb cuisine, exceptional guide, stunning geography that was forever shifting with the elements! This place is so alive! Talus Lodge is a testimony to believing in ones dreams and fulfilling them! Hard work, passion, dedication, enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing one of God’s pockets with us!

— Steve and Trish, Vancouver, BC 2007

We felt like we were the first visitors to this pristine area. Fabulous “Canada Select 10 star Plus” lodge accommodation with gold medal gourmet meals. We were fortunate to have perfect weather to challenge ourselves on Royal & Whiteman Ridge as well as exploring the plateau, lakes and meadows . Remarkable experience which we will be recommending. Thank you for sharing this special place with us.

— Kamloops Outdoor Club, 2007

A truly fantastic experience! Challenging physically – invigorating spiritually – refreshing mentally. Beautiful mountains and beautiful people.

— Wallance, 2006