Our mission is to provide adventures, consistent as much as possible, with the highest standards of environmental conscience. Thomas Grandi and Sara Renner goal is to create a business practice that lead in environmental stewardship and build community in Canada’s western mountains. We believe in earth care, people care and fair share. 

We would like to acknowledge that Talus Lodge is with in Ktunaxa ʔamakʔis, the homeland of the Ktunaxa people.  We acknowledge the past, present and future generations of Ktunaxa Nations who help us steward this land as well as honour and celebrate this place.

Joining millions of Earth inhabitants and nations, Talus Backcountry Lodge, has joined the global movement to make climate action a priority.
Talus Backcountry Lodge will be encouraging local travel and transitioning to guided self propelled adventures.
Climate Action Plan

We are committed to house made and from scratch home cooking. We support local food producers including organic flour from Highwood Crossing, seasonal produce from Organic Box and supplement from our home garden and farm in Wilmer.

We are on a mission to consume less and reduce, reuse and recycle. The journey towards zero waste includes taking care of our own deposits. The state of the art, zero energy input system, decompose urine diverting toilet system uses native soil bugs to process diverted solid waste and composts our kitchen scraps. Not every turd deserves a fresh water swim or a helicopter flight!