Package Per person based on 10 adults Child
4 night
$1700.00 $1045.00
3 night
$1250.00 $875.00
Week $2582.58 $1552.53


Residents living within 152 km of staging for Talus and carpool to get to staging can take advantage of a 10% discount applied to the nightly rate. 


Entire lodge group booking Talus Lodge is accepting entire lodge group bookings only. Call it your cohort, your pod, your bubble, your squad, or your quaranteam. All group members must accept the collective risk of being with each other.
Local travel Accepting bookings based on travel guidelines by BC Provincial Health Office and Alberta Health Services.


Rates include
  • Accommodation including linens and towels
  • ACMG led guiding
  • Helicopter
  • House made and from scratch meals
  • Taxes
  • Off the grid living.
  • Sauna, watering can showers and outhouses
  • Talus is a place to reconnect. No guest access to Wi Fi.
Ski season February 8, 2020- April 5, 2020
Winter guiding Guiding program can be customized. Beginners to advanced levels welcome. Groups must chose one guiding option.

  • Option #1: ACMG led guiding for alpine ski touring, telemarking and split boarding. Split boarders must be prepared for transitions and flats.
  • Option #2: Guiding for light ski touring
  • Option # 3: Guiding for snowshoeing
Group size 1-12 people. Minimum pricing based on 10 people or equivalent.
Exchange days Monday and Thursday.
Helicopter access Helicopter staging location will be confirmed one week prior to departure.
Canmore Municipal Heliport: click here
Mount Shark Helipad: click here
Ski touring/ helicopter fusion access March 4- March 8, 2021
March 8-March 11, 2021
Strong backcountry skiers required: click here
Gear list  Winter gear list: click here
  • A minimum of 6 adults and 4 children or equivalent pricing is required.
  • Under age 2 are complimentary.
  • Minors require parental attendance in order to take part in the guiding program.

It doesn’t have to be pretty but backcountry skiers are expected to be able to ski up and down in a variety of terrain and in all conditions. You should be able to navigate a black diamond ski run and find the concept of an all day winter outing pleasant. Talus is a great place for an introduction to backcountry skiing. If you are new to backcountry skiers, we recommend getting familiar with your binding system in advance and spending time practicing transitions.


A big day at Talus is 1000 metres of elevation. Average runs range between 100-300 meters. The longest tree run is 650 meters. The terrain is a mix of high alpine, gladed trees and tree skiing.  The historical average height of snow is 1.5-2.0 meters. Talus runs a safety conscious ski program led by ACMG ski guides for alpine touring, telemarking and split boarders. Split boarders must be prepared for transitions and flats.

At Talus, we specialize in exploratory backcountry skiing with incredible vistas. We count wolverine tracks, not vertical feet. We promise, the skiing is either going to be fun, funny or both! Mother nature is the boss of winter.  We can’t predict snow conditions but for skier with the right expectations, we can guarantee a whoop worthy good time. We are not humble braggers and might be easy to please but when we ski at Talus, we can’t get the smile off our faces.  Our goal, whether you are a beginner with grit or a relaxed powder hound, is for you to have your best day, everyday.


No. Talus Lodge provides an ACMG ski guide led experience. We do not allow guests to be self-guided.


Summer: Please bring your own lunch and water on arrival day. Lunch will be provided on your departure day.

Winter: Lunch is provided on arrival. It is a good idea to bring snacks and water to the Mount Shark Helipad in case of flight delays. Lunch is not provided on departure day.

Talus Lodge is a helicopter access operation and adverse weather conditions may result in flight delays and/or cancellations. It is possible that clients may be delayed flying in or out of Talus Lodge. Talus Lodge will accommodate guests delayed at Talus Lodge as a result of flight delays or cancellations, however, clients delayed on their flight into Talus Lodge will not be refunded the lost night(s) of accommodation at Talus Lodge. Delayed incoming clients are responsible for their own full expenses (such as meals and accommodation). Talus Lodge recommends not booking commercial flights on your departure day from Talus.

No refunds will be issued for cancellations or delays due to adverse weather conditions. Talus Lodge is not responsible costs incurred due to delayed or cancelled helicopter flights. 


Helicopter flights are more often delayed, than cancelled. Since 2001, two helicopter flights days have been cancelled in the summer and three helicopter flight days cancelled in the winter. Talus Lodge recommends not booking commercial flights on your departure day from Talus.